Stox partners up with TOKPIE

Stox is one of the leading prediction markets for the blockchain platform in the world. It uses a source that is open to all and is an Ethereum centered forecast market. It gains its knowledge by using the suggestions and wisdom of the people and its users so that they could trade the result of proceedings in most categories that we could think of like sports, business, finance, weather and politics. Enhancing Stox is the digital symbol of STX. It is the main source of payments, security, and even the predictions on the currency of different wages. It is mainly planned as a guide or backbone of the prediction or forecast market.

Recently, Stox was able to have an agreed partnership with This was in order to help their trade and the ICO. Their distinctive equal to equal cryptocurrency to authorization and trade exchange is said to begin in their very own ICO on May 1 of this year. Their main version of the platform created by TOKPIE is said to begin around May 5 of this year as well. TOKPIE is said to permit their customers to exchange cryptocurrency with authorized currency or even other resources that use crypto. They can also use any modes of payment all around the planet with no additional charges.

This would mean that there would be a lot to gain and there will be more profits and benefits for their customers because it has some advantages like there will more transparency and productivity attained due to auctions that are happening real time. There will also be limitless scalability and there will be higher protection than before. For them to be able to really stimulate the launch of TOKPIE, both TOKPIE and Stox will need to show us a forecast on their new platform. It also is able to propose true TKP marks. The forecast is said to be able to start on the 26th of April, with the burning question of “How abundant will be able to raise the ETH when the pre-sale starts?” which there is a possibility to win 65000 TKP marks.

The CEO of TOKPIE, Mr. Vasilii Silin, had something to say about the partnership, he said that they wer rally delighted when they were able to come into a partnership with Stox because it let them have the chance to gain and knowledge of its forecast markets platform to propel their sales with the people and for them to be able to launch their trade.