Review: Crypto Is a Surprisingly Fun Movie About Compliance

“Fuck” is the primary phrase uttered in Crypto. It may also be yours after watching John Stalberg Jr’s claustrophobic film about an anti-money laundering agent caught in a net of deceit, intrigue, and dangerous beer. Copious cryptocurrency references don’t have any tangible affect on the plot, however function a working gag for bitcoiners intent on scrutinizing the film for the slightest signal of inaccuracy.

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Beau Knapp Makes Compliance Look Attractive

Simply because the shark’s arrival is heralded by that seat-clenching “dun-duuun, dun duuuun” music in Jaws, you’ll don’t have any bother deducing the dangerous guys in Crypto. The blast of Russian opera music each time their white van seems saves you from having to assume for your self, which is strictly how we count on our Hollywood motion pictures to be packaged. In Crypto, the music builds the strain fairly than the strain constructing…

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