Press Release: GoWithMi – Reshaping Global Map Services

Singapore December 24th, 2018: Whenever you discover a new street to go residence sooner, however the Google map has not been up to date for a number of months, so you may’t discover it if you navigate, what do you have to do? In case you are in Indonesia, you may actively report this alteration in GoWithMi’s 3D map app, and after different folks’s “random consensus verification”, you resolve not solely this downside but additionally obtain the GMAT Token reward.

Since Could 2018, in Indonesia, 1.1 million customers have used GoWithMi’s world’s first decentralized map for private terminal APP merchandise. Individuals have unwittingly accomplished “the creation, verification, and collaboration of consensus maps” in numerous “gamification” mission situations.

When Vitalik Buterin just lately tweeted “loads of growth in non-financial purposes,” GoWithMi has lengthy been on the forefront of main the blockchain’s widespread deployment of meals, clothes,…

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