Photonics Bitcoin Mining Tech Aims to ‘Democratize’ Energy Use

Three researchers have revealed a paper at Cornell College’s proposing a system known as Optical Proof of Work (OPOW) to doubtlessly be employed in Bitcoin mining. In accordance to the paper, “heavy reliance on electrical energy has created scalability points, environmental considerations, and systemic dangers.” The authors state that silicon photonics could possibly be used to shift mining prices away from energy-intensive to hardware-based prices, reducing the financial and environmental influence, including larger safety, and “democratizing” mining.

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Optical Proof of Work

The system proposed by authors Michael Dubrovsky, Marshall Ball, and Bogdan Penkovsky is described as “a novel POW algorithm, Optical Proof of Work (OPOW), to eradicate power as the first price of mining. Proposed algorithm imposes financial issue on the miners, nonetheless, the price is…

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