Options, Futures and Deribit Perpetual

Amsterdam, March 13th 2019 – The Dutch and leading Bitcoin Futures and Options exchange Deribit is now listing Ethereum. With this listing, Deribit now makes it possible for the public to trade European,  vanilla-style Ethereum options for the first time in history.

Deribit is well known for being the first true Bitcoin options exchange and is also offering Futures and the popular Deribit Perpetual.  

John Jansen, CEO and founder of Deribit says: “The volume on our Bitcoin options has been growing tremendously for the last couple of months. Many customers and OTC desks are eager to see Ethereum options being launched.”

Until now Deribit has solely been focussed on Bitcoin however on Wednesday 13th March 2019: Deribit is making one of the largest upgrades to date that enables Ethereum products on the platform.

Increased Options Volume

Demand for options in the cryptocurrency space has been steadily increasing as financial institutions and more & more traders and realise what a…

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