How to Setup a Nullex (NLX) Masternode

That is a tutorial on how to setup a NulleX Masternode. NullTX and NulleX are official companions and NLX is our official cryptocurrency. NulleX is a privateness centric cryptocurrency related to Sprint and PIVX. If you’re acquainted with how masternodes work with DASH / PIVX, they work just about the identical with NulleX.

Earlier than we begin, take into accout you do lock away 50,000 NLX so as to begin the masternode, on the present value that’s roughly $675. The excellent news is, you don’t want any programming expertise to arrange the masternode. With out additional ado, let’s get began.

Step 1: Create a VPS and Obtain Putty

We will probably be utilizing Digital Ocean as our VPS supplier, so go forward and create an account on When creating the VPS, make sure that it’s an Ubuntu 16.04 x64 working system, NOT Ubuntu 18 or 14. That’s necessary to be certain that the set up script works appropriately.

Additionally, make sure that to allow IPv6 and…

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