Government-Funded Drug Trafficking Makes USD the World’s Dirtiest Currency

Pablo Escobar. Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán. Rick Ross. Family names, every certainly one of them; drug lords collectively accountable for punting billions of ’ value of narcotics. But their crimes pale compared to these their prosecutors have been perpetrating for years. After a long time of fueling proxy wars and trafficking, the US authorities has powder on its arms – a mixture of gunshot residue, cocaine, and heroin. Those self same businesses that might decree what the public can and might’t do with their cryptocurrency have damaged each rule in the guide.

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Bitcoin, Drug Barons, and Excessive Hypocrisy

In a 6×eight toes concrete cell in a Colorado penitentiary, prisoner 18870-111 meditates silently. He’ll carry out this each day ritual one other 18,250 occasions in his lifetime, which shall be expended inside the confines of his cramped enclosure. The 34-year-old is serving…

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