From Spartacus to Satoshi: A Brief History of Economic Rebellion

Authorities dominance of human beings by way of slavery and violent financial oppression is as outdated as authorities itself. For 1000’s and 1000’s of years kings and rulers, normally held to be “appointed by God,” have used free, non-violent people as their tax farm livestock to exploit for financial achieve and political energy. With out people with the grit to arise and combat again in distinctive methods, the historical past books may learn very in a different way. However fortunate for everybody, they did exist, and proceed to at this time.

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The Tax Slave State

All through the historical past of governments worldwide, those that appear to be most severely punished, threatened, and hotly pursued are they who compromise the bread and butter of the state. Specifically, the unethical and violent financial practices that give the people calling themselves authorities their energy and safety. The…

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