From Buenos Aires to Beirut – Covid-19 Excuse Restricts Millions of Citizens from Withdrawing Their Own Money

The coronavirus and the federal government-induced lockdowns have wreaked havoc on the worldwide financial system and hundreds of thousands of folks can’t entry their very own cash. Reviews from monetary stricken areas like Venezuela, Argentina, and Lebanon present that residents are being stopped from accessing their very own onerous-earned financial savings. The information reveals the nice significance of censorship-resistant cash and the way society ought to gravitate towards concepts like bitcoin as quickly as attainable.

Covid-19 Withdrawal Restrictions Worldwide Impede Citizens from Taking Out Their Own Funds

The coronavirus outbreak was tough, however not practically as horrendous because the over-reactive measures taken by international lawmakers and right this moment’s so-known as ‘scientific specialists.’ After two and a half months have passed by, it’s now fairly clear to many individuals that the response to the pandemic was uncalled for and the lockdowns…

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