Encryption Standards Threatened Under Pretext of Battling Coronavirus

Governments all over the world have been attempting for a while to bypass encryption and backdoor messaging apps. Finish-to-end encryption was stopping authorities from stopping terrorist assaults, we had been informed, and private privateness needed to be sacrificed for the higher good. Now, because the coronavirus spreads by way of the world, the powers-that-be declare public well being is being jeopardized by the oversharing of false or deceptive data pertaining to the pandemic. The encryption battle is warming up.

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Coronavirus Offers the Newest Pretext to Steal Civil Liberties

Within the age of social media, misinformation travels quick. Sufficient has been written concerning the “faux information” that unfold like wildfire throughout the 2016 Brexit and U.S. Presidential elections, however suffice to say misinformation is as soon as once more on…

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