Buterin Booed for Proposing Transaction Fees for Crypto Wallet Devs

The mind behind Ethereum Vitalik Buterin recently proposed a viable method to keep crypto wallet developers well-funded so that they can keep improving the product without going under. Buterin suggested that each transaction “can/should” cost a very small fee for the wallet developers. Of course, not everyone agrees to every idea brought up in the crypto industry. This proposal, however, saw a more bitter response than Buterin usually gets.

According to Buterin, the next-to-nothing fees will be able to generate up to $2 million a year for crypto wallet developers. The amount is enough to fuel a full-fledged expert development team throughout a whole year. Ethereum’s creator also clearly mentioned that it isn’t necessary to charge fees. He says that cryptocurrency wallet developers should have that option.

At the very low-level Ethereum network doesn’t need to grab any sort of transaction fees to work. However, it can be incorporated on a…

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