Blockstream Developers Alleged to Earn $850K Per Year

There are perks to working for Blockstream, other than having to reply to Samson Mow. Developers for the Bitcoin Core software program firm are alleged to earn up to $850Okay per yr thanks to a “inventory choice” that sees them paid 20% of their wage in BTC. That BTC is pegged on the value bitcoin was at in 2014, that means that staff are paid round 85 BTC yearly as a part of their wage, a bonus of round $700Okay at present costs. That’s in accordance to a brand new web site referred to as Cashbleed that claims to elevate the lid on Blockstream’s wage construction.

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Blockstream and the Reputed Golden Handcuffs Deal

Technically talking, Blockstream staff might stroll away from the corporate any time they need. In observe, there isn’t any incentive to accomplish that thanks to a wage choice wherein 20% of their wage is payable in BTC, perennially capped to the value it…

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