Bitcoin is not being used by big companies for the same reason why BitPay is popular.

The reason is fairly easy: you can’t enter a authorized settlement with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is above the regulation. It exists in a actuality the place issues are not relying on the regulation. You may name that actuality a code, IT or just arithmetic. It doesn’t matter what you name it, it’s primarily based on science and science obeys solely its personal guidelines. Limiting Bitcoin with regulation is as silly as limiting gravity with the regulation. Sure, you possibly can punish individuals who use Bitcoin, however it would don’t have any impact on Bitcoin itself. Likewise, if you happen to punish individuals who obey gravity it would not take away the gravity itself.

Anyway, again to our matter. Big companies are avoiding Bitcoin for a quite simple reason: it’s not doable to enter a authorized settlement with Bitcoin. Sure, you need to use it, however if you happen to occur to fuck up, it can’t sue Bitcoin. It’s a must to take the accountability your self. This type…

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