Bitcoin History Part 5: A Wild Altcoin Appears

It’s laborious to think about a time earlier than cryptocurrency exchanges have been stocked with tons of of digital belongings. A time earlier than the pejorative “shitcoin” had been coined and there was no such metric as bitcoin dominance. However journey again to late 2010 and that’s precisely what you’d have discovered: a cryptosphere wherein BTC was the one coin on the town. However all that was about to vary.

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Namecoin Is First Out the Blocks

The primary altcoin to emerge following bitcoin wasn’t litecoin, peercoin or sprint. Quite, it was a now obscure cryptocurrency known as namecoin (NMC). It was unveiled on the Bitcointalk discussion board on April 18, 2011, with a mandate that learn fairly in another way from that of BTC. In comparison with the various identikit alts that sprung up within the months to observe, NMC started life with novel intentions. “Namecoin is a naming system…

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