Bitcoin And Ethereum Daily Price Forecast – Market Yet To React on CBOE Update

Cryptocurrency market has continued its rangebound price action today and as the week approaches closing there hasn’t been any major change in critical price levels which has kept price action in check so far. The market today saw a critical update from US CBOE which stated that they are planning to stop offering the contract on Bitcoin from the end of this month of March owing to low trading volume which has made it infeasible for them to continue operating the instrument. Given the fact that CME’s Bitcoin futures one of the most reputed and sought after crypto trading instrument, the terminating of its services, should normally have resulted in major crypto coins bleeding profusely.

Headlines Support Bearish Bias In Immediate Future

However, the reason the market is able to stay rangebound is owing to the cause of CBOE’s decision – low trading volume. Most people who currently remain invested in CBOE are likely to be traders with large portfolios who are waiting out bearish…

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