Bitcoin And Ethereum Daily Price Forecast – Crypto Bulls Finally Managed To Crack Hurdles To The Upside

Cryptocurrency market is finally seeing Bitcoin and major legacy cryptocurrencies managing to move above major hurdles to the upside. Crypto bulls have for quite a while now struggled and suffered multiple dead cat bounce on key resistance hurdles to the upside as they aim for long term goals on next leg of upside price action. Today, bulls have managed to crack one such resistance levels and this is clear a sign of improving risk appetite and demand in the cryptocurrency market. However, investors still remain wary of upside move on the possibility of today’s breakout being yet another dead cat bounce with bulls just reaching higher than usual and this has resulted in traders holding back from placing major bets.

Investors Await To See If Gains Will Hold Out Across The Weekend

Considering price action from recent past, it,s the habit of bulls to scale new heights and stabilize above key resistance levels after multiple dead cat bounce scenarios. However, it remains to be seen if…

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